Welcome players to WTBUFF’s Bonus Bucks Reward. You may be wondering what our rewards program is. Bonus Bucks rewards are an exclusive incentive program only for Content Creators, Streamers, Visionaries & Exemplars! We love the gamers and advocates of the community and we feel there can be more done for you , and WTBUFF would like to take that initiative. Without you the community would not be what it is, so first and foremost we would like to thank you!

We at WTBUFF take pride in delivering a one of a kind customer service experience. You are our top priority and we would LOVE to be your top choice. Our Bonus Bucks rewards program will be going live 2/6/2019. In short our program rewards active members of the community for being brand ambassadors for WTBUFF. Content Creators, Streamers, Visionaries & Exemplars who become brand ambassadors for WTBUFF receive unique LIFETIME discount codes. They also receive unique referral discount codes they can share on social media platforms. Whenever a purchase is made using your referral code you gain Bonus Bucks, which can be redeemed for top tier products. Visionaries and Exemplars will be able to collect their bucks, and receive awesome discounts, while content creators will be able to build their audience with WTBUFF sponsorship’s and products.


We are looking for members of the community who want to recommend us as the #1 source for all Lightseekers & Warhammer Champions products. If you feel you are a contributing member of the Lightseekers / Warhammer Champions community and want to sign up in our program or know more information please email us at